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What is bubble tea?

Look out, coffee, there's something new on the market! That's right, bubble tea. Also known as boba, tapioca pearl drink, zhen zhou nai cha, pearl milk tea, BBT, PT, QQ, and so many more names. Why, the only thing that out-numbers the names are the ways to serve this unique and refreshing drink.

It is usually served in a clear glass, with many different ways to order it. This popular drink is made from ordinary tea mixed with sugar, milk, possible fruit flavors, and of course, the dark tapioca pearls. It's a great drink anywhere, for anyone, at anytime. Bubble tea is non-alcoholic, and non-carbonated. It contains less sugar than a soft-drink.

In fact, there are many benefits from drinking tea. Tea serves as a fluid balance. It's also healthier than coffee, having 50% less caffeine. It protects cells from turning cancerous, reducing the risks of lung, colon and skin cancer. It also discourages cancer cells from multiplying. Studies also suggest that tea can lower cholesterol level, and blood pressure. It helps keep arteries clear, and reduces the risk of stroke. It is found to prevent cavities and gum diseases by discouraging plaque.

So what are the 'bubbles' in the bubble tea? Some say it's the froth at the top after the shaking of the tea, and some say it's the tapioca pearls at the bottom of the drink. But what's certain is the satisfaction one gets after a glass.

The tapioca at the bottom of the drink is pearl-sized. It is dark in color, and extremely soft and chewy. To get to these chewy treats, a thicker straw is used. A centimeter in diameter, it catches the pearls at the bottom, along with the sweet liquid, creating a sensation for the taste buds. The pearls are made from tapioca starch of the tapioca plant from South America.

This versatile delight can be served hot for winter days or iced for sweltering summer days. Bubble tea can be served with flavors such as lychee, honey, mango, passion fruit, peach, berry, kiwi, and much more. There are so many out there, so be daring, and try one today!

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